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Reviewing Books...a nice unexpected outcome from blogging

A great phenomenon has begun for me.  I've reviewed a book here and there.  I also tend to share my personal journey of introspection and change (physical and mental) that helps me make progress in life on this blog.  As a result, authors have begun to send me books at no charge and ask that I review their work. 

It's an honor really considering that my blog is not the most popular in the world and I'm not an acclaimed book reviewer or "recommender".   But this demonstrates the acceptance of the power of blogs and non-professional media in creating buzz and spreading the word on a new product/service/book/person/brand/etc.

I've NEVER been asked to "favorably" review a piece of work either...a testament to the integrity of the authors/publishers.

I've got one book in the hopper and I hope to receive more down the road.  More to come.

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Its amazing what people will send you to review once you start blogging - so far this year I've received books, video games and free software. And as with you so far no one has done it as a 'bribe' for a positive review. It's taken me out of my comfort zone at times but I've really enjoyed some of the 'freebies'!

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