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Oh the Irony of Qwest: Great Service In Person

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So after my 48 hours of no Internet service from Qwest (debacle explained here), today at about 9AM an incredibly skilled and very pleasant technician came out to my house.  He spent over an hour here working with me to get things up and running.  He even identified that the modem/router they had sent me was DEFECTIVE and immediately replaced it with another. 

We had a great conversation about their contracted tech support and how painful customers have it when those folks "stay with the script" over and over and over again. 

Turns out (like I suspected yesterday) that someone had miswired my connection out on the street somewhere yesterday.  Had tech support simply listened to my unique problem (vs. trying to put me in the outsourced Qwest boxes), I wouldn't have written this rant.

The economic argument over outsourced tech support doesn't fly for me anymore.  I took up 2 hours of outsourced time yesterday that could have been solved by 10 minutes of insourced, Iowan, free thinking, able to deviate from script technicians. 

So now I'm flying at over 10mbps down and still the same 800kb up and convinced that I could run that company better than current management.

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