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Mobile Slaughterhouse...I bet this guy is great at parties

There's a nice little piece in the WSJ that I couldn't pass up on a guy who operates a mobile slaughterhouse.  Yes, no need to transport the hogs to the place where they become slabs of soon to be rendered pork fat.  He'll come to you!

This quote kind of says it all doesn't it?

In a flash, Mr. Soler stunned the animal with a bolt gun, then cut its throat and hoisted it into the trailer with a winch. He stripped off the hide, and Mr. Donaldson inspected the pig's organs to ensure it was healthy. Within an hour, the hog's carcass was hanging in the locker.

So dad, I think I've found a great new business for you.  Bring it on!

Do I smell bacon?  Honeyyyyyyyyyyy!

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Tom Swartwood

Great business? Why yes it is. New? No it isn't; my wife hails from Joplin, MO and she enjoys telling out city folk friends about the feller who came to the Ol' Place to slaughter cattle. Not something I saw everyday (or any day for that matter) in Jersey. Maybe there are no new stories; just new ways of tellin' the old ones. Nice catch.

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