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Iowa Speedway: Newton Gets Nationwide Race!

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As a family that took a chance on Iowa Speedway's Newton Club membership in 2007, I'm pleased to announce that our "stock" just went up.  We've been blessed with an Indy series race for the last 2 seasons...but now, we're taking a step into the big leagues of NASCAR.

It's officially been announced that Newton's own Iowa Speedway will have a NASCAR Nationwide Series race on August 1, 2009. 

During that race, I'll be sitting in the same beautiful season seats inside the Newton Club area that I will have for life. 

Someday we may get a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race and the dream of all racing dreams...a SPRINT CUP race.  Of course we'll have to sell out every seat and keep adding incrementally before the big boys come to Iowa but that's OK.  It's good to have goals.

If you meet me in person this week please forgive my perma-smile.  I'm just dreaming of the smell of race gas and watching the heavy hitters duel it out in my own lovely home state of Iowa.

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