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So my wife says..."Hey, you should do the triathlon next year again"

I've been pushing triathlon out of my mind.  "Just do it once and retire."  When people have asked me how the race was, my response has been, "It was kind of boring actually...more like executing my training but doing 3 full pieces vs. only 2 at a time.  (I'd never done the actually 3 sports in succession).  I didn't push too hard or really go for it because I didn't know how my body would react.

Well...now I do.  I'm certain I could shave 20 minutes off my time if not more.  I'm now mentally gearing up for the fall and planning my indoor training/diet activities in my head.  Oh this disease!

The rest of the summer has been designated as cycling plus core/strength exercises.  I don't think I'll go hard core on the cardio again until after Christmas this time.

Anyway, HyVee Triathlon 2009...here we come :)

Update on the post race grace period:  I just spent 2 weeks in CA eating and drinking everything known to man.  I've put on 8lbs and loved every minute of it.  Yes 8lbs in 2 weeks.  I'm sure it will shed quickly and I don't want to see another Brat for at least 6 months.

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