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RAGBRAI 2008 Debrief

We had an amazing time cruising across the Eastern third of Central Iowa last week.  The weather began cold and rainy and we all couldn't believe daytime highs in the 60's in late July in Iowa. (Global Warming is no doubt responsible for the cold temps...or maybe it was GWB...anyway...

We stayed at host family houses again camping once and staying in a basement another night.  The next step of course is a motorhome and/or hotels.

Our team has grown again with the addition of our neighbor Mike.  Mike has never done RAGBRAI and didn't know what it was all about or how he'd fare along with 10k of his best biking friends.  I'm happy to say that Mike was giddy with joy and amazement as we meandered at times....rode in 27mph pace lines at times (a first for him) and ate hamburgers with bloody mary's and beers at 8:30AM.  (Mind you your matabolism and hunger are both raging when you're riding 6 hours a day for 75 miles.

Of course Gerard...uber buddy and purveyor of Luke Manohan's Cycling Tours in CA led the way with expertise and guidance...not to mention the comic relief and photography.

Pictures will come soon but we're already looking forward to a larger and more robust team next year. 

You can check out a few shots already that we posted via TwitPic here.

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Hey Doug,

Congrats on the RAGBRAI. It sounds like such a terrific ride. I really want to do it some day. I guess the weather was less than ideal, but I'm glad you had a good time.

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