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Getting great recorded interview quality using Skype

Over at RentalMetrics...we believe we've turned a corner with regard to quality of audio production...not to mention our screen casting production.  We've figured out how to successfully use skype to execute digital interviews:  we use the studio microphone in the office and the caller calls in using our "skype in" phone number. 

We use a great piece of software called "CallBurner" that records the conversation.  Both sides of the call (me and the inbound caller) are recorded on separate channels allowing for great editing options (we use Audacity which is free also).  If the caller and I talk over each other, we can fix that is post production by simply moving tracks around. 

We've also raised the bar on the video screen casts (We're now using the free CamStudio).  It seems that after investing maybe 40 hours in learning and tweaking, we've found the right settings and resolution to make things look very appealing.

We're also now using Viddler to host our videos.  Much better quality and flexibility than YouTube or Google Video.  We can even make video's "private" for example if they're related to specific clients or part of our subscription service.

I say "We" when I really mean Paul.  Paul has tirelessly futzed with things and has become a great producer.  I keep telling him that if we're not careful, RentalMetrics will get asked to execute on social media/marketing projects for companies in our industry.  That wouldn't be so bad :)

Bottom Line
Here's the latest and certainly greatest Product Showcase on an industry leading Fleet Management GPS Solution.  Please watch it and let us know what you think.


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