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RAGBRAI 2008 Route Announced

The route for the 2008 RAGBRAI has been announced and it's a convenient central path for all of us "3 day participants" that want to bolt up to Jefferson in the AM, party hard in Ames (Cyclones will be rabid), and ride to Tama and have the minivan caravan take us home.   

I'm sure Tom B. will be in full effect in Ames showing me where he partied during his 4 (was it only 4 Tom?) years at Iowa State.  I want to find a nice place to sleep that night versus tenting it but you know, I'm like that nowadays.

Any of my local readers have an RV sitting idle that week they'd like to rent me?  I promise to fill it with responsible 30 something married people...and no Hawkeyes.  (I had to...I really don't care but I had to).  Go ahead now chime in with the insults and witty retorts. 

Heck I went to Cal State University Pomona where we didn't have football.  Go Broncos!

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Luke Manohan

This might be a great Luke Manohans event. If only I had someone local to help with the logostics...........

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