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Energy Rage

I was recently in a group in which a majority lambasted Ethanol because:

  1. It ruins the water supply
  2. It's subsidized and that's not fair
  3. It will ruin the land for the future
  4. It pollutes

Interesting points.  However, the same arguments were used to vilify oil and gas companies (still going on of course).  Has the govt not subsidized oil production / refinery manufacturing through the years?  Haven't our own tax dollars been redistributed to a bazillion cockamamie things other than gaining a foothold on energy independence?  Yes.  There is economic realignment happening and yes...there will be some fallout.  Most radical change does this.  Are wind and solar the answer?  Will they happen over time? Yes.  Can they run our cars now? No.  Done.  Chavez bad. Ethanol good.

Next issue:  Nuclear Power. Here's a CNET piece on the looming comeback of Nuclear Energy.
How many people have been helped by Nuclear energy vs. those who've perished?  How many people wouldn't have died and had a more fruitful life and opportunity from this method of power generation?  There's new focus on what to do and how to effectively reuse the by-products of production (nuclear waste). The benefits outweigh the dangers.  Yes I'm OK with one in my back yard.  YIMBY.

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You might find this an entertaining and informative look at nuclear power (perhaps in your back yard). "Rad Decision" is a novel by a longtime nuclear industry engineer. Its avaialbe at no cost to readers at http://RadDecision.blogspot.com and is also in paperback.

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