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Onyx Reserve Torbusto

This cigar has a very balanced flavor...probably due in large part to its oily and delicious wrapper.  The shape is a hybrid and I can best describe the stick as having a "bulbous mid-section" that I like to call the "welcome to flavor country nodule" because when you hit this section...the true flavors really start to purr.

The smoke was rich and full containing chocolate and cherry notes.  This cigar has very little "twang" on your tongue and a quite desirable aftertaste as compared to some sticks. 

I knew it would be a bad pairing, but I had 1/2 of a bottle of Estancia Cabernet left over and had to try them.  Not good.  Now pair that cab with a massive rib-eye and you're good. 

The only big downer for this cigar was that I really had to work at drawing the smoke out.  It was a bit too tight.  If that's the case with the whole box, I'll be disappointed. 

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