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New Year's Eve Dinner for Central Iowa Shelter

I've formally arranged to serve dinner to 120 people at the Central Iowa Shelter on New Years Eve! 

@ClaireCelsi talked about this shelter and our homeless at Ignite Des Moines a few weeks back.  A group of our friends provided dinner at the shelter last year.  We were done and home before 8PM and had a nice gathering that was much more satisfying since we'd made a whole bunch of people go to sleep warm and happy.

I think we can REALLY make a difference this year.  Although we can't provide enough hot food to stock the place for a week, we can certainly supply them with many other things that sap their resources including many items listed below.

Right now we're working getting a restaurant sponsor for the food.  Last year's chili and cornbread was a HUGE hit...so we'd like to at least initially start with the same concept. 
Can you help find a sponsor?  Know a restaurant that would like to help this great cause?  Please work on the details and get back to me.  If we line up NUMEROUS restaurants, we'll simply work them into other nights of commitment since the shelter does this EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!

What's needed:

  1. Commitments from 10-15 people who will be on premise to interact, serve, restock, clean, etc.
  2. As mentioned above, a restaurant food sponsor would be ideal so we can focus on delivering additional help.  If we exceed expectations on helpers/support, we'll find another way for you to help so PLEASE sign up no matter how many you count!
  3. Styrofoam Cups
  4. Plates
  5. Plastic Utensils
  6. Can of Coffee (think costco and sams people!)
  7. 10 gallons of milk
  8. Jars of peanut butter
  9. 5 pounds of sugar
  10. Coffee creamer 
  11. We need food to feed 120 people including desserts, milk, etc.
  12. Both male and female hygiene items/personal grooming supplies (shampoo, shaving cream, soap, you name it)
  13. Both male and female clothing
  14. Detergent
  15. Blankets
  16. Socks



  1. The facility is located at 205 15th Street, Des Moines IA 50309. Written correspondence can be sent to this address, or you may contact the agency by phone at 515-284-5719, or by email at [email protected].
  2. Please use the East Entrance for food providers/servers. Go East or West on Locust to 15th, turn right (S) on 15th, cross Walnut, go about 1/2 block to the 1st turn off on your left onto Falcon Drive (this ‘new’ 15th is part of the MLK project). Since you’re bringing the food, go past the Shelter after you’ve turned left. Now you’re going north, turn right (E) and go up the hill to the 1st turn on your right--go into the drive, then right again and down the hill into the C.I.S.S. parking lot. THIS IS A NEWISH LOOKING RANCH-TYPE AMIDST BRICK WAREHOUSE BUILDINGS.
  3. I will be there along with others to guide you and direct you so don't worry. 


  1. Arrive at the back door in the rear parking lot between 5:30PM-5:45PM.
  2. Dinner is served promptly at 6:30PM.  We hope to pick up the food already heated...so there's no prep at the Shelter.  If it's cold for some reason, the "kitchen team" (to be formed) will arrive a bit earlier to ensure things are ready in time.

Please let us know what you can do by entering your commitments in the form below! Thank you so much and we'll be in touch soon.

Fields Marked with a * are required
*Full Name:
*Email Address:
Your website or blog:
Your twitter handle:
I will be a server/kitchen help:
I commit to providing:  Large Can(s) of Coffee
 Gallon(s) of milk
 Kitchen supplies (plates, utensils, napkins, cups)
 Jar(s) of peanut butter
 bag(s) of sugar
 Coffee creamer
 male and female hygiene items
 male and female clothing/socks/jackets
 Laundry Detergent
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