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Final Moments of Clarity

I have a friend in CA.  He's a fraternity brother of mine and a former roommate...and he's about my age (35).  He's got a few kids, a wife, a nice house...etc.  He was the one that studied while my buddies and I drank PBR and smoked Camels.  He has a heart the size of the solar system.

A couple of years ago, he was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer that creates tumors in very bad places, like the spinal column.  Those tumors begin to suck one's own blood into them causing the need for transfusions, etc. The cancer spread until his leg was a cancerous mass and had to be amputated.  I've seen him a couple of times since his diagnosis and each time he's been pale and sunken.

About 48 hours ago, his condition worsened and he's on 100% oxygen and will require a ventilator soon to breathe.  His wife has signed the paperwork to let him pass without this step.  His kidneys have stopped working and its effectively a waiting game until he's gone.

I don't write this message to elicit support messages so please, no need.   It just never ceases to amaze and shock me how short life can be...and how many people I've lost to disease or otherwise in my short number of years on the planet.  If you had two years to live, you'd probably make some changes in your attitude, how you treat your spouse, how much time you spend with your kids,  and the decisions you make about starting a business or leaving a crappy job.

I can't imagine the last 24 months of life being such a fight and having to compress...(message began at about 6:30PM.........just received the call as I was typing that he passed away at 6:45PM).

compress one's life into some final Moments of Clarity before visiting the other side.

Godspeed Bradford C. Bridenbecker. 

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Art Dinkin

Thank you for sharing a very personal and valuable insight. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I will keep you, Bradford, and his family in my prayers.

Janet Green

Thoughts and prayers are with all Brad's family and friends. Lovely post - and you are so right: If we knew when our end would come, we would make some big changes. May we all learn to do that anyway before it's too late. ~ Janet


i noticed that in the game manual from world of warcraft wrath of the lich king it says RIP Bradford C. Bridenbecker. As well there is a charactor in the game who is dieing who has a very similar name who you help extend his life in his final moments.

Tim P

To clarify to statement left by Wower:
The character in question is a Crusader who has fallen victim to a plague, He has put distance between himself and others to avoid infecting them and asks you to leave him be, while you instead travel the world witnessing the collected powers of life and goodness do what they may to save a hero.

My condolences,

Andrew M

May you remember the good times you shared and his memory last forever in your heart.

My condolences.


I followed a link from Thottbot (an extremely popular site for World of Warcraft where players can get informtion about items, quests, etc. in the game) after having completed a segment of the long quest chain involving Bridenbrad, the plagued Crusader. Your goal is to help Bridenbrad pass on to the next world peacefully, and without fear. It was a very touching storyline, and is made even moreso for those who choose to follow the URL to this page.
May we all strive to live without regret, feel blessed for what we have, and not disparage over what we do not.

Perry V.

Another WoW player here - I was on the third and final trip out on the attempt to save Bridenbrad. I popped over to thottbot while flying to check on it, because it had become obvious that there was some real-world story behind the quest line. I knew when I read this that Bridenbrad wouldn't be saved, but neither was his fate to be a hopeless one. Thanks for letting us know who the real Bradford C. Bridenbecker was, for the message of hope, and for the admonition to remember what is good and real in life.


Just discovered this via thott when i couldn't remember where the hand in was.

Prayers and thoughts to those who miss him.

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