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What if Google Just Quit

As I was pruning RSS feeds this morning in between coffee sips and my facebook stream I started thinking about the information overload that many of us face.  Becoming a better filterer is really the secret to becoming efficient.  Not getting overwhelmed and saying, "Forget this!" is a necessary skill to acquire or one risks being lumped in with the phone book.

So what if you woke up tomorrow and the precious resource called google was gone?  "We're clOOsed" the search box might read if they left up a splash page (no doubt they'd sell an add on that page for $1mil per click). 

Would it crush you to hit the restart button?  Imagine the subtle rejoicing around the globe when everyone's reached inbox to zero nirvana.  Starting anew might make the universe learn something new about how to filter better.  It might also teach us something about cloud computing.  Don't get me wrong I'm right there with all of you and use Google for just about everything you can imagine.  But I'd also be fine if they tOOk their ball and went home.

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