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The Verdict Is In

I have been having left knee trouble lately far beyond my normal slight discomfort.  What began in my youth as an unknown trauma to my leg (your guess is as good as mine) progressed into a condition called Osteochondritis Dissicans in my late teens.  This resulted in a chunk of bone separating from the "knuckle" on my femur.  Back then, 1989'ish...they told me, "There's nothing you can do except treat your knee good and don't go up and down ladders a lot".  I was told I'd eventually need a knee replacement as this rough spot on my bone would likely cause arthritis and cartilage degeneration.  They were right.

Recent Xrays and and MRI show that I have the knee of a pretty severely arthritic seasoned citizen with and that besides injections...there's really nothing that can be done to help me.  I need to hold out until it becomes unbearable and then get the replacement knee (robo knee).  Oh yeah, and because I'm "so young" I'll probably need another knee in XX years in the prime of my "kids are college now so let's party" years. 

Hey it could be worse and I'm thankful I have 2 legs and 1 knee that works.  I will need to alter my lifestyle somewhat and I've started taking the less proven more holistic stuff like fish oil and glucosamine/chondroitin in addition to the normal compliment of inflammatories and pain meds (when it gets bad).  I figure dropping 50lbs won't hurt either.  I think I've been eating like a bear about to hibernate while having little mobility so I can spare the 50...trust me. 

I just need to get into a position where cycling is my world and I think my world record squat attempts are going to have to wait.  Thank the maker I'm not in Britain or some other "universal health care" country where I'd have to wait 2 years if I decide the knee needs to become titanium.  I'd have cyberjoint in 2 weeks if I asked because of our system. 

Now go forth and enjoy your good joints.

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