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I feel like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom is happening here in my yard

You know watching Marlin Perkins calmly talk me through the lion ripping the flesh from a gazelle carcass was no big deal.  But now I have dogs (I now casually call them "The Murderers") executing everything from new born bunnies to hours old squirrels.  Well today, one dog plucked a bird from a low flying trajectory...snapping its neck and that sent the entire bird family in my backyard into a tweeting frenzy that's STILL going on as I type.  That bird family is having a VERY bad day now.

It's cool to watch on TV but cleaning up the aftermath of fresh kills is no pleasure in Clive, Iowa.  Please doggies, I give you kibble...so don't make my Clive backyard a killing field.


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